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Executive services

Businesses face many challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Attracting and retaining members
  • Managing member services and expectations
  • Communicating to visitors
  • Managing finances
  • Utilizing ever-changing web technology
  • Managing monthly, weekly or quarterly publication
  • Managing professional development.

C3it specializes in meeting these challenges through our Executive Management Services (EMS). EMS provides associations with a stress-free option of managing many aspects of their organization, while increasing primary goals such as membership numbers and conference attendance.

Visitor Services: EMS will manage all aspects of your association’s member services from communication to visitors to managing their expectations. We can conduct annual surveys to find out issues important to the visitors so that the Executive can develop strategies to respond to their needs.

Membership: A strong active membership is the goal of any association. EMS will develop new membership targets along with strategies including online/offline marketing campaigns to increase membership.

Web/Online resources: Web technology is evolving quickly. Web 2.0 and other developments allow much easier access to information. EMS specializes in identifying your association’s needs and developing an appropriate web portal that insures brand consistency and allows effective communication with the members.

Publications: Whether your association publishes a monthly, weekly or quarterly journal, newsletter or both, EMS can manage all aspects of the publishing process – content creation, meeting publishing deadlines, insuring quality and professional standards and aggregating costs on printing and distribution.

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